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Our philosophy is to provide personal and timely accounting services to cater for the full financial needs of our clients. We are Far North based accountants/Bookkeepers with a modern and progressive focus.  We specialise in business start-ups, growing small and medium businesses and online accounting solutions. We will make time for you and the needs of your business. Specialists in accountancy and taxation for SMEs, if you’re looking for progressive accountants in the Far North, we’ll provide essential advice to manage and attain your business goals, as if it was ours.

Our Mission

Murray's History

MJ Electronics has been operating for more than 30 Years in a variety of industries. Murray first started with becoming an Electronics Engineer and Service Technician in the early 80's and that lead to a comprehensive array of different fields of expertise including domestic, commercial and industrial areas. I specialised in Process Automation, Analogue and Digital solutions and analytical digital systems processing including designing, building and working with other engineers in other fields for large process production including the Dairy Industry, Affco, Breweries and NZ Army including munitions . That lead in to designing software for specific requirements that clients required to operate the products and equipment that we had prototyped for commercial and Industrial use. That soon led to building specific Computers Systems and repairs for all forms of electronics  from Shipping to domestic  equipment. Software remained to be a big focus over the last few years and our designer software is still out there working hard along with our engineered products. As I ventured more into the domestic scene repairing or fixing faults and software glitches dominated the last few years which included all sorts of software including security software which we ethically tested for bugs and breaches of systems from Banks to Corporations . I was asked more and more to fix clumsy and often out of date accounting software, which I had a lot to do with, as people did not have enough knowledge about accounting and how to apply it in the ever increasing client based software environment . That is how the Accounting path started for me. Of course now this has developed into a position that has become integral to my Partner and myself as Christine is an Accountant and I am just about everything else from a Tax Agent , Bookkeeper to a Software analyst providing expert advise and support for over 170 clients using a Cloud based Accounting environment called Xero to which I have become a Partner.

 Christine's History

Christine joined MJ Electronics three years ago  and we have just formalised a partnership called Murray Elliott & Christine Laing Partnership trading as MJ Electronics 2003. Christine has had many years in the accounting side of life over the last 30 years with her first job working with Deloitte, and a couple other smaller firms and after working with a local Accounting firm for six years, I became disillusioned with exorbitant fees that clients had to endure and the "do you want chips with that" hard sell. which is totally against out Murray's and My ethos especially in a low socioeconomic area was plain extortion. I had enough and decided to go out and work with my partner who had already become a Authorised Tax Agent and have enjoyed every moment as we can provide a Real Value, Real Cost based accounting for our clients.which is growing all the time.


Business Associations

Services Overview

Some financial processes need to be maintained on a monthly and annual basis.  These are just a few of the ways our team of professionals can help you:

  • Accounting Support
  • Technical Support
  • Xero Support
  • Payroll Support
  • Budgeting Support

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MJ Elrectronics 2003
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